Hi, I'm Kat! I am a landscape photographer based in Austin, Texas. I picked up my first camera at age 13 and have been in love with film ever since. I shoot with a wide variety of color films, leaving no question about the beauty in Texas' vast blue skies and rugged exterior. I was born and raised in a small town in Texas and focus on capturing abandoned structures, ghost towns, and rural communities across the Lone Star State. My work has been compared to photographers such as Walker Evans, William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, and those famous for the New Topographics movement. I have been featured in Pellicola Magazine, Revolog Film's book, All Through a Lens, Narcity.com, Fstoppers, and numerous other online publications, as well as the Tiny Topography exhibition. When I'm not visiting small towns, I love watching the San Antonio Spurs, enjoying a glass of whiskey, and shootin' the sh*t at my local honky tonk. 

"Kat Swansey is helping to rewrite the rural and forgotten Texas topographics, giving value to things that someone may deem trivial, placing interest in the forgotten corners of Texas."
- Anna Trofirò, Pellicola Magazine 

"Kat Swansey is the Queen of Tiny Texas Towns! Kat is one heck of a wonderful and gifted photographer. She has chronicled her extensive journeys around rural Texas and is creating quite a legacy of outstanding photographic images."
- Wiley B. 

"Kat’s photographs of rural Texas are distinctly western in feel. She provides a documentary record of abandoned Texas - images that will be of immense value to future generations."
         - Anonymous submission to Hundred Heroines 

"Kat's photographs are classic, timeless, poetic. They really stay with me long past when I've viewed them and they preserve history through the lens. That's something so special about them and makes them iconic."
- Nancy D.
Portrait by Molly Steadman at mollysteadman.com.


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